Rustic #7

Once an old work bench, now a super cool rustic chair.  Notice the details added – the #7 and the randomly placed old key hole.

Plain Jane

Our most basic chair – the size of boards may change as well as the wood variety but the idea is the same – keep it simple.  We used wood oil to bring out the character in the wood.  This chair is simply beautiful.

Movable Planter

Don’t get stuck in a rut!  With this movable planter box, you can give your garden or patio an ever-changing fresh look.  

Green Machine

This is your classic deck chair but with a little edge.  We can complement your style and use colors to make these chairs flow with your home.  We used a dark stain to give this chair its classic look and added a bit of color to make it pop.

Box Top Table

This is a table designed to meet your dining needs.  Massive style farm table with box in the center.  Designed to hold silverware, plates, napkins or wine bottles.  Leave it to your imagination.  It’s definitely a conversation piece and one your guests will not forget.

Planter Box

This planter box can be created in any size.  It’s the perfect alternative to plastic planter boxes.    


Keep it basic but add some flair.  We just added a few pin stripes to make it pop, doesn’t need much more.

Bought the Farm

This table was made out of old growth red wood we picked up from someone who was remodeling their home.  They were thrilled to get rid of this “old” wood out of their garage and we realized the potential.  What we saw were weathered gray boards with a tinge of naturally distressed red paint.  With [...]


Pick a number – your favorite number, the number of your birthday, your age, the number you sported on the soccer field…the idea is that we can do anything and make it personal to you.

Tumbler Table

The perfect table for indoor or outdoor…dress it up or down.  Either way you choose, it makes a great resting spot for your beverage of choice.